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Per the man law code and if not it should be

I applaud this.

Ok so it was nice of him to do that and all, but are we just gonna ignore how fucking INGENIOUS it was for him to put it under the toilet seat?

Like, I’m simultaneously mad at the girl for cheating, impressed with the decency of the guy letting the boyfriend know, and blown away with the creativity of the placing the note there.

Many mixed feelings.

I imagined going to your house
in the middle of night,
sobbing out your name
like I do everyday after midnight,
and calling out for you
right outside your window
and wishing you’d take me inside
and tell me you’ve missed me
and we’d go back to being okay.
But it’s been more than half a year
and you haven’t bothered to call me
to make sure I’m okay and
still breathing even after
you ripped my heart apart.
I’ve been saving my love up for you (via itzonlyyoubabe)

"I remember you, you know? I remember everything even though it’s been almost forty years. I can still picture you in my head. I can still see you walking home and laughing with your friends in the hallway. I remember so much and I don’t know what to do with the memories anymore. I thought I’d figure it out as time kept passing by, but it’s been decades and I’m still lost on how to get your name out of my mouth."

It was hard not to cry, standing in front of his tomb and knowing she’d never be able to actually tell him what it was she had been holding back for more than half of her life.

"We were seventeen and stupid and we didn’t know where life was leading us but…" she paused to smile through the tears, "but those times I made with you are always so locked up in my heart and I think I lost the key that day I let you leave."

She dropped the roses, not even bothering to read the words engraved on the stone anymore. “We were seventeen and I was too stupid to run after you and beg you to stay. And… And I’m sorry we ended the way we did.”

Sniffling, she thought she had run out of things to say, but she turned back one last time and laughed, “My husband always wonders who you are, because of all the photographs I have of you. I tell him you’re just an old friend although I know he understands what that really means… I was so afraid of losing you I took pictures of you everyday just to make sure I’d have the memories for later. But now, I regret not just living them with you instead, because now, those pictures are all I really have.”

With that one last glance, she could almost picture him smiling at her. His brown hair, his partially crooked teeth, his long fingers always wrapped into fists by his sides, his slouching posture, his black and white, worn out shoes, his fading black jeans.

And in that moment, she found a piece of happiness she knew she could let go of now.

That small piece of happiness she had held onto for years - him.

things I’ll say when it’s too late (via itzonlyyoubabe)
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